Big celebrations leave a harmful stream of pollution.  Our displays aim to create magical movement in the sky and leave the atmosphere just as we found it.

A light in the dark can be a wonderful thing, but hundreds of them? That is the real magic. Palaven's displays aim to surround you and those around you in a world of light and beauty. The collection of drones create moments to be remembered, and to be cherished. 

We also believe that beauty should not come at the cost of health; the health of the crowd who during a fireworks display would be subjected to small particle pollution in the air around them, and the health of the animals living close by who have their homes littered by sticks of wood and plastic wrappers on New Year's Eve. 

The cutting-edge technology we use to paint the sky has been designed and manufactured by a small team of engineers currently studying at the University of Southampton. The drones use a secure system that has been developed in the UK. 



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